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Our philosophy is to reclaim rather than scrap, landfill or burn. Where possible we reuse timber that has already had a working life in another form - railway sleepers, stair treads, church pews, floorboards, harbour piers, lock gates, whisky barrels etc. Using old timber is not just environmentally friendly but mature timber has the advantage of being stable, robust and in many cases exhibits a grain quality far superior to modern fast grown timbers. Because such sources are limited, we cannot necessarily guarantee to match frames or offer consistency in supply. We can offer however consistently interesting frames - some bearing the distress of their years of labour in a former life. If you have timber, which might be of use to us for framing purposes, please get in contact with us. We may even be able to frame your pictures in your own timber.
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Timbers Stocked
Our standard stocks presently include: Oak, Ash, Beech, Balmoral Scots Pine, Pitch Pine, Mahogany and Teak. Others available include Cherry, Walnut, Oregon Pine and Brazilian Cedar. Although these timbers are available at time of writing we cannot always guarantee supply - please contact us for details of availability and price. Where reclaimed timber is not available we try to obtain timber from local sustainable sources and blown trees.
The Royal Connection
This beautiful Scots Pine timber has been grown and felled on the Queen's Balmoral Estate on Royal Deeside. While most of the Estate's timber goes for papermaking we were granted permission to hand pick a batch for framing. We had this batch kiln dried down for use in centrally heated homes and we now craft it into pallid wood frames with a decidedly modern look. We are permitted to use the Balmoral Castle logo on our labels to guarantee authenticity.
Balmoral Scot Pine, Balmoral, Pine
Woodworking Details - the technical bit
The timber is sawn, dressed and moulded in our workshops at Fintray so we have complete control over the finished product. Our moulding designs tend to be cut in simple, geometric lines which allow the natural beauty and grain patterns of the timber to be seen at their best. The finish is usually achieved by coatings of beeswax and burnished to give a matte finish that enhances the natural beauty of the timber.
In order to retain the clarity of our photography we recommend the use of clear float glass although non-reflective glass is available at higher cost. Where very large frames are being couriered we normally use UV stabilized Styrene (Plastic Glass). Styrene is slightly more expensive having very similar optical properties to normal glass, but is more robust and lighter for transporting. Please note that all framed images shipped outwith the United Kingdom will be glazed with UV stabilized Styrene as standard. Fintray Fine Framing do not charge extra for this service, preferring instead to absorb the cost to ensure that our customers' orders arrive safely with no breakage.
Commercial Finishes
If timber is not to your taste or if maybe you need to match an existing frame then we can also supply a wide range of commercial framing mouldings. They range from traditional wood effects; golds and silvers to modern coloured mouldings.
Due to the different pricing structures for this type of framing we would request that you contact us directly for a quote.

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