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If you need photographs printed we can help. Using the latest Epson inkjet printers we can print photographs right up to a mighty A1 size. We can provide a variety of finishes including high gloss, matt, fine art, photo board and canvas. If your source files are bit small we use the latest "Digital Enlargement" software to give you big prints with amazing quality. We guarantee to use only Epson ink and approved paper to give your photos a lifespan in excess of 75 years.
Typical Pricing
A4 Print Only
A3 Print Only
A2 Print Only
A1 Print Only
  Prints can also be supplied with mounts if required. Please ask for details.
Epson printer
If you have a requirement to scan 35mm negatives or slides to revive some old photos or use them on a website why not make use of our dedicated Nikon Coolscan. Scanning at the maximum resolution with Digital ICE technology to remove minor imperfections a 35mm frame will easily have enough resolution to make an A3 print. Unless requested we will not crop or level shift any scanned items. Scans are supplied as RGB Tiff files on CD unless instructed otherwise. We can also scan APS films.
Typical Pricing
1-10 scans
11-50 scans
51+ scans
Charge for each CD used
£1.50 ea.
£1.20 ea.
  Photo Restoration
It's strange how your most treasured photographic memories are usually the ones that just can't be replaced. If they are damaged in any way then this just adds to the problem. We use digital technology to scan and capture old photos without harming the original in any way. The scanned photos can then be worked on to restore them to preserve them and then restore them to their former glory. Typical problems that can be solved this way include:
  • Repair scratches, creases and tears
  • Mould, dirt spots and stain removal
  • Piece back together torn photographs
  • Recreate missing sections
  • Remove pen / biro marks
  • Correct colour casts and yellow aged pictures
  • Revive contrast/brightness in faded photos
  • Enhance detail, focus and sharpness
Completed work is supplied on CD with a copy of the original and restored images. This preserves the image and allows you to make further copies. A printed copy of the restored print is also supplied. All restoration projects are individually priced. Please contact us for full details.
  Panorama Assembly
Ever tried taking your own panoramas and found it to be not quite as easy as it looks ? We have a vast experience of putting panoramic images together and should be able to help you get a finished image. Working from digital files is preferable but we can also work from slides or negatives if required. We will advise on the final size and best finish for you image and each image is individually assessed and corrected before delivery. Prints can be supplied rolled, mounted or framed. Please contact us for a quote.
Panorama Assembly

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